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  My name is Robin Marshall.  I am a 21 year old 4th year student attending California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA majoring in electrical engineering.  However, my love for technical work and the creation art as has also brought me into computer game design.  Specifically modeling and animation.

  As lead modeler on the Quake III modification 'Tremulous' I have been able to work closely with an international team of both amateur and professional game designers.  I have been able to plan, create, and animate weapons, player characters, and a number of small ‘enhancements’ that players can receive during game-play.  I am now continuing work on Tremulous in a level inspired by one of our member's earlier works as well as some of my own projects.

  I have held a number of jobs, as you can see on my resume. With each came a new skill for me to learn and I believe my past employers would tell you that I learn quickly and work hard at every task I am given.  I am seeking employment at a company that shares my passion for creating 3D art.  I have confidence in my skills as an artist, but know that I can never stop learning from others.  Please contact me at:, or by phone at: 503-516-7976.


  Robin Marshall

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